Sadness fills our heart as we just learned the news that our last embryo transfer attempt was not successful. We are not pregnant.

I would be lying to you if I didn’t say this hurts like a mother fucker. It does. The work to get here, the confrontation of fears, the peeling back of dead skin, the disappointment, the money, the setbacks, all of it. And now I am here at this moment. And I will cling to Him still.

Because the blessing this Christmas for me is YOU. And God has chosen to gift me with that blessing. I have been praying for Joy, and as I look at my life today I have an abundance of it. Brothers who saw the gold in me when I couldn’t, sisters who wrapped their hands around my heart when I needed, and a lover who inspired my passion whenever the sun came up. Thank you everyone for your loving words of encouragement and support as Ulises and I continue on this journey. We are not giving up. Not by long shot.

Once we get full recommendations from the doctor and medical team we will post an update on what the next course of action will be. Our baby is still waiting. We will bring him home sooner or later


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