FAQ: Why are you guys doing surrogacy in Mexico?

We chose to do our entire process in Mexico because the costs are more than half of what they are in the U.S. In the U.S. it can typically cost between $125K and $200. Our agency is CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico(www.surrogacymexico.com) The plan we chose, which includes IFV, surrogacy, egg donor, and agency fees, is approximately $57,600. This does not include travel, government documents, miscellaneous expenses, and unforeseen medical complications such as unsuccessful embryo transfers. In July of 2015 we traveled to Mexico to meet and sign our contract with our pre-screened surrogate mother match. We appreciate the openness and transparency of our agency, the professional, legal, and medical advice we’ve received. Of course, as you can imagine the sheer distance from the process can be daunting, but we manage. We are in constant skype communication with the agency, the doctor, and with our surrogate, we’re praying, and we have each other. Iggy & Uli.